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Founded by EKOL BAZ Health Group in 2007 and established in Izmir – Turkey, Ekol Hospital proudly continues to serve through their experienced health personnel and is equipped with the most modern medical technology, with all its units, 9 operating rooms and 150 bed capacity. Ekol Hospital is accredited by international independent bodies and holds ISO 9001, FQC and ISO 27001 quality certifications. Ekol Hospital provides services with experienced medical physicians and surgeons who have their expertise in branches particularly in Ear Nose Throat Surgery, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Urology, Neurology, Brain Surgery, Cardiology, Chest Diseases and Psychiatry. EKOL Hospital has a satisfaction rate of 99% in all branches according to the surveys and is the biggest Health Tourism Provider in its region and one of the top ten providers in Turkey. Ekol Hospital is proud to be the first and the largest ENT Hospital in Europe and is a major employer with more than 500 employees in all branches. Ekol Hospital, with its more than 60 experienced physicians and professional team of professors, associate professors, assistant professors and specialist physicians, offers special services and accepts patients from the Aegean Region, Turkey and around the world through agency agreements, discount packages and special agreements in the field of health tourism. Ekol Health Campus, established in Çiğli for a healthy life in a central and easily accessible location, is aiming to carry our society to healthier days thanks to its uncompromising corporate structure following ethical principles, its comfortable rooms, its medical personnel who are well-informed, experienced, and always have a positive attitude, and its academic and modern medical facilities. PATIENT-ORIENTED SERVICE MENTALITY By using the most modern techniques and technologies, EKOL Hospitals is striving for the utmost patient satisfaction based on our Patient Oriented Service. Ekol Hospital is closely monitored by the Quality Management Unit, and measurement and supervision procedures are being performed. EKOL Hospitals are designed with the intention of making our patients feel at home in a spacious, comfortable and modern environment by giving the health, satisfaction and safety of our patients and their relatives the utmost importance, and operating with attention to health, safety and quality service in and around the hospital. Our hospital is making a difference with its patient-oriented service mentality, in order to minimize the troubles that patients may experience in all treatment and care processes and to increase the quality of their living conditions. SAFE AND QUALITY NURSING CARE SERVICES The Nursing Services and Care Development Unit, which aims to keep patient health satisfaction and safety on the front line, provides guidance, coordination and control, and high-quality patient care, all with a warm smile and positive attitude. Ekol Hospitals use evidence-based and case-based practices based on modern technology and scientific approach in providing patients with the highest quality of care.
Sada International Hospitals Our story started with our love for Izmir, the people of Izmir. Kordon Clinic, the first Bariatric Surgery Center of İzmir, which we established in Alsancak in 2004, broke new ground with your trust. We have grown with our 6-storey service building that we opened in Mavişehir in 2011. We are growing even more with Sada International Hospitals in order to become the reference center of the region in the field of health with the experience and successes we have achieved.Over and over again, Sada is with you! Sada International Hospitals is with you once again with the aim of providing high standards of health service to all segments of our people, catching up with world standards with its full-fledged structure and technological infrastructure, and continuously increasing patient satisfaction with its reliable and compassionate approach in service. Our Branches Internal Diseases Child Health and Diseases Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Dermatology Radiology Brain and Nerve Surgery General Surgery Eye diseases Gynecology and Obstetrics Ear-Nose-Throat New-born Intensive Care Adult Intensive Care Orthopedics and Traumatology Urology Anesthesiology and Reanimation Emergency Nephrology Nutrition and Diet Gastroenterology
Ekol Health Group has been offering diagnosis and treatment opportunities to its patients for 15 years with its 64-person physician staff, auxiliary medical staff and strong technological infrastructure service, 8 of which are professors, 6 of which are Associate Professors. Ekol Health Group has set out to become a hospital that provides services to Izmir and the whole country in international standards. Currently, ENT, ophthalmology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, urology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, pulmonology,Dermatology and serves in the dental industry. It has ISO and TUV international standard certificates. Many of our patients from abroad prefer Ekol Hospital for treatment. Ekol Hospital, which is the first and only Branch hospital in Turkey, creates a large employment with more than 500 employees in all branches. For a healthy life established in a central and convenient location in Scream School Health Campus, compromising ethical principles, the structure of the institution, comfortable, knowledgeable and friendly health care providers, academic and day on our modern treatment facilities with a moving target for a healthier community is advancing. Our Mission It is to produce permanent solutions in health services at an economic level in accordance with medical ethics and to contribute to the formation of a healthy society with a sustainable understanding of quality. Our Vision It is to develop as a reference hospital with solutions based on patient satisfaction to health problems with quality service understanding using new information and technologies. QUALITY MANAGEMENT UNIT Internal audits and self-assessments by performing Patient Focused service, in every area of the hospital by checking our quality of service with our professional team in order to ensure continuity and sustainability of quality management unit of the hospital of schools that operate by constant contact with all patients and staff within the hospital quality process is identical, will continue to monitor closely. ISO 9001 – 2008 certificate of quality management system in our hospital with coordination by providing carried out within the framework of the evaluation of the survey results, patient demands to increase the feasibility of in accordance with quality standards, new regulations and managing the process continues to work on issues such as compliance with applicable standards. OUR PATIENT-ORIENTED SERVICE APPROACH EKOL hospitals, which are constructed with the perspective of making them feel at home in a spacious, comfortable and modern environment by keeping the health, satisfaction and safety of our patients and patient relatives at the forefront, operate with a healthy, safe and quality service understanding in and around the hospital in all areas. In order to minimize the problems experienced and experienced by patients in all treatment and care processes and to improve the quality of living conditions, it makes a difference with its patient-oriented service approach. In all units and patient rooms, special service delivery, one-to-one patient welcome, hospitalization and housekeeping services and patient satisfaction are closely monitored by Ekol Hospital Quality Management unit, measurement and audit operations are carried out. Safe and quality nursing care services Ill health, satisfaction and safety by operating aiming to be kept in the forefront of nursing care services and development coordinator for guidance, coordination, and control of the drying quality of patient care and friendly nursing services are provided. Ekol Hospitals use evidence-based and record-based practices based on modern technology and scientific approach principles to ensure the highest quality care of patients.